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We’re growing rapidly, with our team meeting the needs of small-to-medium businesses who understand that marketing is the lifeblood of revenue and it must perform consistently. And we know that we won’t achieve our own big goals unless we continue to deliver exceptional quality service and results.

How do we keep those standards? We treat every campaign as if it were our first opportunity. What does that do for you? It means you get clear, tailored strategy. You get attention to detail. You get results delivered – on time or early.

You get that feeling of reassurance, knowing that not one dollar of your marketing budget is wasted. We’re efficient. We test fast. And we deliver growth for your business.


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You could hire in-house instead. You could advertise for each of the skilled people you need, and screen them, then train them. You could then keep training them because you need people who will show initiative and take responsibility for results.

Go ahead … add up the cost in both dollars and time.

(We’ll make it easy – pay a media buyer, a copywriter, a funnel builder, a content creator and an SEO specialist and you’ll be up for about $325,000/year. Actually, more when you add Super and holiday pay… and then there’s the in-house training resources.)

Or you could tell us what you need done, and we’ll do it. For a whole lot less. Set up a call now.

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Our Process

Your business needs a team of creatives, ads experts & tech masterminds to deliver consistent return on investment with digital marketing. We can help. 

We’re obsessed with generating results & we do this by focusing on the 4 key elements of any successful marketing strategy.

The Offer

Without a strong offer, your message gets lost in the noise. We work with you to create a red-hot offer that draws your prospects in.

The Creative

Our designers create thumb-stopping ads that capture your prospects attention and get them interested in what you have to offer.


We find your ideal customers online, drive them to your website & then bring them back again with well designed retargeting ads.


Our tech experts optimise every stage of your funnel, from the ads to your website performance, to ensure that maximum ROI is being achieved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Defiant Digital will transform your business. Period. We are obsessed with growing our clients businesses, and we do it well. Our team consists of some of the most highly experienced digital marketers in the industry as well as young prodigies who are re-inventing the way businesses make money online. We exist to give businesses a 360 solution to digital marketing, taking the stress of hiring multiple staff members or contractors to get the job done.

Each member of our team has completed top-quality digital marketing training and we continue to invest in professional development so that we are up to date on industry changes. At Defiant Digital we have developed reliable, scalable systems to get you as many leads and sales as you can handle. We’ve achieved results in industries and verticals of all shapes and sizes and our ROI driven team stop at nothing to deliver growth for your business.

We do! Distance is no barrier and we can fit in with most time zones.

If you have a proven funnel in place and people are already buying from you, we expect to improve on those results within the first month for Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. For SEO it’s necessary to think long term – we can achieve page 1 rankings in as little as 90 days, but if your looking to capture larger market share and crush all your competitors you need 6-12 months of consistent SEO optimisation on your website.

You’ll definitely find cheaper, but can you afford to put your business in the hands of an agency that needs to work with 3x as many people as we do to make the same amount of revenue? Let that sink in. Our fees reflect the skill and training of each of our team members, and the time invested in your campaign. You know it’s the same in any industry – pay peanuts? You’ll get monkeys.

If you’re ready to get serious about having a system that brings as many leads and sales as your business can handle, book a call so that we can go over the results you are after, and show you how we can make that happen.

Our focus is on measurable results that help our clients’ businesses grow. We are a full service, performance driven agency and we don’t hide behind vanity metrics such as engagement and impressions that mean nothing to your business. We are obsessed with delivering a return on investment for each and every client that works with us and we’re the only agency in Australia to offer a 100% money back guarantee on SEO.

let's work together

let's work together