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Here’s why you should not pull back on advertising spend in December

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As we approach the final months of 2023, e-commerce brand owners have an exciting opportunity to make the most of the holiday season and propel their businesses to new heights. Amidst the hustle and bustle, let’s delve into key insights that can shape a robust year-end advertising strategy.

Post-Christmas Shopping Surge

Recent surveys reveal a fascinating trend—41% of holiday shoppers extend their shopping spree beyond Christmas into the beginning of January. For e-commerce brands, this post-holiday surge represents a unique window of opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Cost Savings and Consumer Intent

In the spirit of the season, there’s good news for Creative advertising budgets. A 15% decrease in CPMs and an average 4% reduction in cost-per-action have been observed. Leveraging Instant Forms has been shown to deliver lower costs per qualified lead compared to traditional Website Forms. This not only represents exceptional cost savings but also signifies a budget-friendly environment for advertising on Meta. The best part? Consumer shopping intent remains high with the help of Digital Marketing Sydney.

Seizing the Opportunities: Tailored Strategies for E-Commerce Brands

Boosting Sales and Revenue:

With the lowest costs observed now, consider ramping up your advertising efforts with the help of Creative Agency Sydney to increase sales and revenue. Optimize your campaigns to capture the heightened interest in holiday shopping.

Capitalizing on High Customer Intent:

Leverage the high intent among customers to drive more conversions. Ensure your advertising strategies align with the increased interest in making online purchases during this season.

Clearing Outstanding Inventory:

Take stock of any remaining inventory that needs clearing. Utilise this period to strategically market and move surplus inventory, making room for new and upcoming products.

Acquiring New Customers:

Position your e-commerce brand as the ideal choice for holiday shopping. Leverage the current climate to attract new customers actively seeking online shopping solutions.

As we gear up for the end of year sprint, tailor these insights to your e-commerce brand and craft strategies that align with the unique opportunities presented. Whether it’s boosting sales, optimising advertising costs, or attracting new customers, the holiday season holds untapped potential for e-commerce success.

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