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As acquisition costs rise and margins suffer, successful ecommerce brands understand that the best way to combat these challenges is by implementing a robust retention strategy. Unfortunately, most brands miss the mark on email marketing and SMS. Why?

Because they fail to implement a retention program that:

  • Captures qualified contacts
  • Nurtures them to first purchase, and
  • Accelerates lifetime value (LTV) in 60-90 day payback windows

Our full service Email + SMS services will complete the loop in your funnel, ensuring that every dollar spent on driving traffic to your site has an opportunity to convert, today and into the future.

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If 30% of your revenue is not coming from email, you’re leaving money on the table. Our copywriting and design experts create hyper-targeted, highly-relevant automated emails & campaigns that drive sales.

Increase LTV and return customer rate by letting us take care of this vital marketing pillar for your brand. Our team of creatives and strategists will be the key to truly unlocking high performing email and SMS campaigns through each stage of your funnel, analysing data at every step to see how we can help you improve your conversion rate.



Our team can help you design a high converting strategy that’s tailored to your brand and audience. Post frequency, flows and messaging are all planned as the first step in the strategy. 

Sending the perfect message at the right time is how brands can win with email & SMS marketing. We setup automated flows that are triggered off specific events such as an abandoned cart or an email signup.  

Staying top of mind is crucial, especially during peak advertising periods like BFCM and EOFY sales when advertising prices go through the roof. Our team help you deliver a combination of valuable, educational and sales driven emails to help you stay relevant with your audience

We never assume that something is going to work, we test it! Our strategy includes A/B testing key sections of your emails such as headlines, preview text, banners and offers

You’ll always know what’s moving the needle with your Email & SMS campaigns with detailed monthly reports that showcase winning metrics and all activity on your account

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good email marketing agency will help your brand offset the rising costs of advertising by implementing a retention strategy that includes flows, campaigns and SMS. They will handle all copy and creative work as well as implementation, taking the heavy lifting off your hands so you can focus on driving growth in other areas of your business.

Choosing the best email marketing agency in Australia is easy if you understand what to look for. First of all, you want an email marketing agency that understands all areas of growth marketing as email campaigns rely heavily on traffic and new people signing up to lists in order to be effective. An agency like Defiant Digital can offer this experience as well as the creative masterminds that can make your emails look professional and sharp 

The more the better, but our most successful clients generate 20-30% of their revenue from email and sms marketing. This allows them to be less reliant than other brands on paid media and more stable overall.

We highly suggest it as the engagement and open rates with SMS are phenomenal. People love their phones and always want to check new messages, so with the right message at the right time, you can convert like crazy with SMS!

You were likely burned by an agency that delivered poor designs and even worse communication. Sounds familiar? Unfortunately we hear about this every day and our email marketing clients love us for our creativity and responsiveness. Aside from that, our team spend millions of dollars a month on some of the biggest brands in the world, so we understand the traffic side of the picture, not just the email and SMS strategy.