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We develop Google Ads campaigns that are fine-tuned to generate profit and conversions, which offer you a higher return on every dollar spent; this is what separates us from other Google ads agencies.



Working with a Google Ads agency to put your business in front of buyers who are actively searching for a solution is a highly profitable strategy, and for good reason.. it works FAST! The speed at which you can generate leads and sales with Google Ads is well-known. However, if the wrong tactics are employed or the wrong Google Ads agency is chosen it can get expensive.

The difference between Defiant Digital and every other Google ads agency is that our Google Ads campaigns are focused on bottom line returns rather than clicks and traffic. While other Google Ads agencies boast about the number of clicks they send to their client’s websites, we’re optimising your campaigns daily using real-time data to ensure that customers are not only clicking on your ads, but are converting into paying customers.

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We do this by taking a 360 approach to your campaign with our integrated team coming together to make sure that your ads are being clicked on and your landing page is designed to convert. Our full service google ads agency creates campaigns that are designed to drive rapid action and guide your prospects to a conversion seamlessly. Working with us gives you access to Australia’s best google ads agency that works in unison with our creative team and conversion rate optimisation strategists, giving you an entire marketing department at your fingertips. Our core focus as a cutting-edge Google Ads agency is delivering bottom-line results to our clients; we stop at nothing to help you dominate your market and crush your competition.



Imagine being able to suddenly capture a larger share of your market overnight? Hiring Defiant Digital as your Google Ads agency makes this possible and our team understand how to deliver highly profitable Google Ads campaigns for your business. Our clients have an unfair advantage with Google Ads as we handle all aspects of their digital marketing strategy from end to end; this is what makes us a top-tier Google Ads agency. Looking for better results with your Google Shopping Ads? We’re one of Australia’s best google shopping agencies and can help your ecommerce business get in front of buyers with high intent. Get in touch today for a free audit of your Google ads account to uncover opportunities for scale!
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How we get results with google ADS

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Our google shopping experts can help your brand optimise your feed and bidding strategy to position you ahead of your competitors in the feed. Getting results with Google shopping is heavily reliant on your ability to manipulate and maintain your product feed and it’s important to stay consistent and competitve with your pricing.

Absolutely! This new campaign type combines all of googles placements into an AI powered campaign that uses machine learning to place your ads where conversions will be cheapest. The only downside to this campaign is that some of your ads will be branded searches, but overall we are seeing incredible performance with these campaigns.

Performance Max is a new AI powered campaign type offered by Google that uses machine learning to deliver relevant ads to audiences with an optimal bid to increase performance and lower CPA. 

When it comes to google ads, one of the main things you want to keep in mind is relevance from your Ads to your landing page experience. Google wants to deliver the best experience every time someone searches on their platform, so make sure your ads match your LP and that the post click experience is fast and seamless.

We always suggest a combination of shopping, search, display and youtube with the majority of budget skewed towards shopping. Performance max campaigns have made this alot easier for advertisers as they combine all placements in the one campaign.

Focus heavily on your post click experience and conversion rate. If your ads are following all best practices, relevancy is high, CPC’s are healthy but you still have a high CPA, you need to improve the UX on your landing page. Remove distractions and reverse risk, improve landing page speed – the possibilities are endless but the ROI can be huge

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700% revenue growth in the first 9 months of working with Defiant”

“The results since joining Defiant have been incredible! Their team is the perfect mix of creative & strategy and they’ve guided us every step of the way. We have averaged a 10.13X ROAS since working with them, i highly recommend them as a digital marketing agency”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using google ads to promote your business is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your website. You can target people based on the keywords they are searching for and get your ads at the top of the search results. Google ads let you quickly put your brand in front of the perfect people who are looking for a solution that your business can solve.

Google ads can be one of the most expensive sources of traffic if the correct strategy isnt put in place. You are charged every time someone clicks on your ads, so if your landing page is not built to convert clicks into buyers then you are basically lighting your money on fire. We are a 360 google ads agency that takes a holistic approach which includes driving highly qualified traffic to an optimised landing page that’s built for conversions. We make google ads one of the most lucrative paid traffic sources out there for our clients and one of the fastest ways to generate revenue online.

The great thing about Google ads is that you can have your ads active and generating quality traffic for you within hours. If your landing page or website is optimised for conversions then the results can be instant, however many businesses struggle to convert because they send their traffic to cluttered websites with no clear call to action or offer. Any successful google ads agency will have taken a 360 approach to ensure that once targeted users have clicked on an ad, they land on a page that seamlessly guides them to a conversion.

We’re a full service google ads agency that understands what a successful and profitable campaign looks like. Once you engage us we don’t just start driving traffic to your website. Instead, we start with your offer. We make sure it is going to capture your ideal customers attention and set you apart from your competition. Our copywriters structure your ads in a direct response format that stops people in their tracks. We then design a landing page around that specific offer and direct your traffic to it. Our digital strategists then begin designing your campaign structure to target buyers with high intent. Other google ads agencies focus on how much traffic they generate you – at Defiant Digital, the only metric we care about is conversions and our campaigns are designed to bring bottom line profit to your business.

Every client we work with has different budgets and needs and we design custom strategies for every business we work with. You may already have well designed landing pages and just need help with your google ads campaign. Or you may be looking at hiring a google ads agency for the first time and need a complete package to get started. Get in touch with us today and tell us abit more about your business and one of our digital strategists will tailor a package that’s designed to help your business grow with Google ads.

Technically you don’t need a standalone landing page that’s separate from your website to run google ads. You can send google ads traffic directly to your website, but we never recommend it unless your site has been optimised and is already converting quite well. The highest converting campaigns are sending qualified traffic to a landing page that is contextual to the exact offer that’s being promoted. Websites often have many distractions that can negatively impact conversions, whereas high converting landing pages usually have one clear call to action.