5 Ways your business can add the value to your business
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5 Ways your business can add value to your business

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As business owners, we’re always looking for ways to add value to our brand and one of the highest impact ways you can do this is through improving your website. 

Your website is your brands digital shopfront. It’s where you will directly traffic and it’s the place that your customers go to interact with your brand and purchase or enquire with you. 

So how can we use a website design agency to add more value to our businesses? This article will explain 5 important factors that all valuable website designers understand when creating highly valuable websites. 

1. Showcase your products and services

It goes without saying that a website’s core function is to showcase what you offer to your audience. Whether you have an ecommerce store or a service based business, your website acts as your digital shopfront, allowing you to structure pages and content in a way that highlights what you sell while answering all of your customers’ questions. 

For this reason, it’s important to think of your website as a literal shop. How does it look? Is it neat and easy to navigate? Are my products bundled together in a way that makes sense? Do i have my best sellers highlighted? 

Aside from looking great, how well is your content structured? Are you answering the questions that your audience is asking? Here’s where an SEO Agency can really assist to ensure that your site not only looks great to users, but also to Google so that you can rank higher for the keywords that matter to your business. 

Websites that can deliver the best user experience and treat their digital shopfront like a physical one, will be able to increase conversions and leave their visitors with a great first impression, bringing them back for more. 

2. Drive more conversions

A great website will turn more visitors into buyers with its ability to seamlessly move customers through a conversion funnel. But even the best websites don’t convert every user, in fact 2% is the average website conversion rate across all industries. That means 98% of people don’t convert and are simply passing through, or window shopping. 

You can use analytics data on Shopify, Woocommerce or GA to understand exactly where people are dropping off in your conversion funnel and then strategise ways of improving your stores conversions rate. 

For example, if you are getting a high number of people reaching checkout, but you notice a large drop off in sessions converted, then you can identify that there is an issue in your checkout flow. Maybe people aren’t trusting your brand enough to take the next steps or maybe their preferred payment method isn’t available. 

You can add reviews and social proof to your checkout as well as adding more payment options such as afterpay, apple pay and paypal to ensure that every user can checkout seamlessly and without friction.

3. Deliver your brand message

Every brand has a unique story and there’s no better place to showcase that story than on your website. Most websites include an About Us page where mission and vision statements often live, but that doesn’t mean you can’t communicate your brand’s message and identity in other areas across the site. 

Product pages are a great place to showcase the value propositions of your brand, how you differentiate against your competitors and why potential customers should trust your brand. The better you do this, the higher your website will convert. 

Remember: If you don’t have the skillset in house to make changes to your design, you can always reach out to Defiant Digital the famous website development or marketing  agency Sydney or Australia to assist you with this. Just ensure that they have plenty of previous case studies and examples of their work before you commit to a project with them,. 

4. Increase enquiries 

Sometimes, a purchase is not the first step for a visitor on your website. Your customers may need to get in contact with you first so that you can quote them on a custom solution that fits their needs. 

Your website is the perfect tool to increase the amount of qualified leads and enquiries and your forms can act as the filter to help you identify hot prospects versus unqualified prospects.

You can use tools such as typeform as an embedded form on your site which can move prospects through a series of qualifying questions that you would normally ask on a sales call. This saves time and gives you and your sales team a perfect overview of inbound enquiries so that you can approach sales calls with confidence and solutions.

5. Build credibility & trust

You do good work, so showcase it! Think of your website as a portfolio for all of your best work, whether that be case studies, photos, videos, testimonials or showreels. Your website is the perfect place to put your work on show, allowing all new visitors to quickly see what you do and connect with your brand. 

Brands who showcase their work can build credibility and trust with their audience, clearly demonstrating their professionalism. By doing this right, you can increase conversions as your audience will trust you more and believe that you can get the similar results for them.


Every business in 2022 and beyond should have a website that they keep up to date with the latest content and highlight work. Your website is a pivotal component in your business strategy, whether you are a digital or physical business. 

The best mindset to be in when thinking about ways to provide more value on your website, is to deeply understand your audience and put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself questions like what products would I want to see first? What payment methods do i like to use? What products go well together (bundles)? How am I reversing risk (guarantees and returns policy)? 

Keeping your audience at the forefront of every tweak and change you make to your website will allow you to deliver an exceptional user experience that will bring people back and convert them into lifetime customers!

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