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Customer Avatar Mapping

The business model of CareerOne presented a unique challenge as it was a 2 sided marketplace. Our campaigns needed to attract employers that would post jobs for jobseekers to apply to. Both needed to be growing at the same time in order for the platform to thrive and supply/demand was very closely linked to business success.

We set out to create 2 different strategies for each avatar and deeply understood their pains, desires and dreams in order to craft messaging that hooked these prospects into the brand.

Key Learnings: Understanding your customer avatar’s is the first place to start in building a successful strategy. We literally gave our avatar’s their own names and treated them like individual people. This exercise helps you craft messaging that’s more impact as you are speaking directly to one person, rather than trying to please an infinite group of people.

Creative Testing Strategy

A proper creative testing process was non-existent with CareerOne’s prior strategy. The previous approach was “throw some images up and hope for the best” and we had to quickly change that.

We immediately implemented our 3-2-2 testing strategy: three distinct versions of a single creative, coupled with two headline alternatives and two primary texts. All these were rolled out in a dynamic creative ad style. This methodology empowered us to evaluate numerous variations swiftly, and by the second month, we had identified scalable winners.

Key Learnings: Utilising the innovative 3-2-2 approach, we harnessed machine learning’s prowess to spearhead the intense work in creative testing. Instead of individually configuring ads that competed for budget, our dynamic creative content seamlessly dovetailed, delivering tailored ad variations to match each person’s preference, anchored on Meta’s top conversion predictions.

This strategy not only bolstered the volume of creatives we could experiment with but also ensured robust performance, hastening our discovery of scalable ad variations.

CareerOne © All rights reserved.
CareerOne © All rights reserved.

Leveraging Social Proof

We had a unique opportunity presented to us early in the campaign, with CareerOne signing a deal with one of Australia’s largest media channels 7News to sponsor their job board.

The 7News brand had credibility that we would be able to leverage in order to capture more people in the scroll and get them to pay attention to our ads creatives. Piggy-backing off their brand, we were able to drive significant CTR’s on these ads as people we’re intrigued about the new partnership.

Key Learnings: Leveraging any form of social proof that your brand has created is a powerful strategy to build trust in the marketplace. People like and trust things that are familiar, things that they have had positive experiences with in the past.

No matter what kind of brand you own, if you have been featured in a publication or have partnerships with another well known brand, use it to your benefit in your ads and throughout your funnel to build trust amongst prospective customers.


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52% revenue growth (YoY) compared to previous agency
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272% increase in new customer ROAS in the first 30 days
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428% revenue growth YoY within the first 180 days.
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427% Growth in Meta Revenue within the first 90 days.
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128 High-Ticket sales with 41.3x return on adspend.
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203% Increase in Revenue (From Meta) with 22% CTR Increase.
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