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Congrats, you’re here because you’re looking to grow a business. Build a brand. Create something amazing.

We’re a digital marketing agency that exists to help business owners achieve their dreams & we can’t wait to hear about yours.


Our creatives stop the scroll.

After spending millions of dollars testing ads in every industry imaginable, our team have become masters of grabbing attention in the first 3 seconds. We got you to this page by doing just that and we’re a digital marketing agency that can do it for your brand too!

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640% increase in ROAS!

See how we generated a 640% increase in ROAS for this meal subscription brand

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We've transformed

how brands create ads

Creating thumb-stopping ads is what we do day in day out. Our digital marketing agency has evolved into a content factory that supplies top-quality creatives for our client’s campaigns. Chat with us today to learn about our 5×1 Creative Testing Method and how it can work for your brand. 

Have an idea? New offer? New products? We bring your ideas to life fast with motion graphic design. No need to wait weeks for creative, our team rapidly reduce creative turnaround times, helping you find scalable creative faster. Our creative & paid media experts work together to design ads that convert cold traffic into revenue.

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We've transformed how brands create ads

Creating thumb-stopping ads is what we do day in day out as a leading online marketing agency. Our digital marketing agency has evolved into a content factory that supplies top-quality creatives for our client’s campaigns.

Have an idea? New offer? New products? Our full-service online marketing agency can bring your ideas to life fast with motion graphic design. Every single one of our ads is strategised with our paid media experts to ensure that it performs and converts cold traffic into revenue.

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digital marketing Sydney Process

Our Process

Your business needs a team of creatives, ads experts & tech masterminds to deliver consistent return on investment with digital marketing. As a leading digital marketing agency, we can help by focusing on the 4 key elements of our results framework.

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1. The Offer

Without a strong offer, your message gets lost in the noise. We work with you to create a red-hot offer that draws your prospects in.

2. The Creatives

Our designers create thumb-stopping ads that capture your prospects attention and get them interested in what you have to offer.

3. The User Experience

We find your ideal customers online, drive them to your website & then implement strategies to increase conversion rates & customer lifetime value.

4. Ongoing Optimisation

We analyse your performance daily and are forever iterating on winning data to ensure that maximum ROI & scale is being achieved.

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Our Growth


We are a full service digital marketing agency with expertise in the following areas.

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Facebook Ads

Put your brand in front of millions of active users who want your product.

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Target buyers in hunt mode for the products and services that you offer. 

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Be seen, be heard & educate on your brand, product or service with Tik Tok.

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Ads Creative

Bring your products and services to life with thumb-stopping ads that captivate your audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Outrank your biggest competitors on Google & open the flood gates to high quality traffic.

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The Defiant Difference

Here's how we compare
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Traditional Agency
Hiring In-House
No long term contracts
Dedicated creative strategist
Dedicated ads design team
High volume creative testing
Max 10 clients per team
Australian based team (all in house)
Complete full service solution
You own all the assets & account data
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“We’d never tried ads properly before but instantly knew it was working when clients came in saying they’ve seen our ads. By month 3, we’d made enough sales to see an ROI on Defiant’s services for years”

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Ben Pugh


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We made these brands grow.
833% ROI in 12 months
With a 632% Decrease in CPL
52% Revenue Growth
Multiple Record Months of Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Every online digital marketing agency varies in their scope of service. Defiant Digital is what is referred to as a “full service” digital agency. We take care of everything for you, from Ads Creative, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Facebook Ads Management and more to help you create a robust “funnel” that leads your customer from the first interaction with your brand, right through to purchase and then repeat purchase.

Definitely yes … if you need leads and sales, that is! Traditional marketing was difficult to measure in terms of outcomes. The strength of digital marketing (provided that you have engaged a reputable online marketing agency that is) is that you can see what every ad and response costs, in real-time, and move budget towards what’s doing well. You can also build a consistent flow of leads and sales, instead of relying on referrals or people passing by your door.

If you have a proven funnel in place and people are already buying from you, we expect to improve on those results within the first month for Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. For SEO it’s necessary to think long term – we can achieve page 1 rankings in as little as 90 days, but if your looking to capture larger market share and crush all your competitors you need 6-12 months of consistent SEO optimisation on your website.

The systems we use work for any industry. Our team has worked with clients in hundreds of Ecom niches, SAAS products, construction companies, kickstarter campaigns and everything in between. No matter the industry, the key ingredients for success include having an irresistible offer and a quality product that people actually want. If you’ve got that, our creative team can help you get the attention you need to sell your product/service.

We create custom dashboards that give you up-to-date numbers at a glance. We’re in constant communication with our clients on the performance of their ads strategy & are often making recommendations on website performance if it’s not converting to industry benchmark standards. Ask other online marketing agencies to be transparent with their reports and watch them get uncomfortable. Our clients can login to an online portal at anytime to see exactly where every dollar is being spent.

Our focus is on measurable results that help our clients’ businesses grow. We are a full service, performance driven agency and we don’t hide behind vanity metrics such as engagement and impressions that mean nothing to your business. We are obsessed with delivering a return on investment for our clients – every agency will tell you that, but our creatives are what actually makes it happen! Go on, take a look at our ads library for yourself and we’ll let our work do the talking. 

The best digital marketing agency will have a diverse range of talented specialists under the one roof, but when it comes to driving growth with paid ads it’s important to hire a digital marketing agency that understands how to capture attention. If you hire a digital marketing agency that does not understand both creative and performance marketing, there is always going to be a breakdown in your funnel as they won’t have the ability to create ads and messaging that stops the scroll and earns the click.

The #1 thing you should be asking any digital marketing agency before you hire them is “can i see examples of your ads creative”. If the digital marketing agency you are considering can’t show you creatives that you would be proud to have for your brand, then how will they be able to represent you and help you stand out in the market? Your potential customer decides instantly whether they trust you and are interested in what you have to offer when they see your creatives, so your digital marketing agency must be able to craft highly engaging content for your brand. 

The simple answer is, it depends. Hiring a digital agency that only runs your ads and does not handle your creative will be cheaper than hiring a Creative Agency Sydney like Defiant Digital who do both. When selecting a digital marketing agency for your business it’s important to weigh up the total costs & time involved in handling your own creative VS getting it done by a professional digital marketing agency that understands how to craft high converting ads.  

The answer to this question is different for every brand, but when deciding on whether to hire a digital marketing agency or run your marketing in house, it’s important to be true to yourself about your own skillsets and experience. There are benefits to both strategies, but running a marketing team is extremely challenging and brands choose to hire digital marketing agencies so that they can focus on what they do best in their businesses. We partner with brands to not only grow their businesses, but also guide them through their growth milestones and provide advice on each hurdle along the way, allowing them to spend time building their brands. 

A digital agency can handle many different marketing functions, but in our opinion the most important function is assisting a brand to craft engaging messaging and creative that stops people in the scroll. Why? Because if your ads are too easy to ignore, if your ads are boring, then it doesn’t matter how good your product, website or customer service is. If people can scroll past your ads, you don’t have the opportunity to pitch them anything. Having a digital marketing agency on your team who understands creative strategy, media buying and conversion rate optimisation will help your brand grow!