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“I have had the pleasure of dealing directly with Jamie and his fantastic team for the past year. Their intuition and foresight for sensible and strategic campaigns has assisted in our business reducing our CPL by more than 600%. Would highly recommend Defiant Digital to anyone looking!”
Joel Fischer
Sales & Marketing Manager

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The Challenge.

When we took over on the ad accounts for Fairmont Homes, it was clear that the previous agency was taking them for a ride. Some of the campaigns hadn’t been touched in over 9 months and there was no signs of any forward thinking testing or strategy.

We had to move fast to get the needle moving in the right direction. Our agency fee was 3X more than what their previous agency was charging, so proving our value immediately was a challenge of its own.

  • 1

    There was no CRM tracking leads and sales activity

  • 2

    Their ad account was running traffic campaigns direct to the home page of the website

  • 3

    There was no conversion tracking in place

  • 4

    The previous agency was reporting on vanity metrics like impressions and reach

  • 5

    Google ads were being used purely for brand terms

Fairmont Homes © All rights reserved.

CRM Setup

When we first met Fairmont, their CRM was non existent. They had just spent over 100K & 12+ months trying to get setup with a complex Sugar CRM, but ended up with something that was unusable.

We stepped in and setup ActiveCampaign for them within 4 days. All leads from their website and Facebook lead forms were automatically pipelined and segmented into different deal stages and automations based on their preferences. This gave the sales team complete visibility of their pipeline and gave us a clear view of how ads were translating into sales.

Key Learnings: Backend is important, but keep it simple! We setup this CRM within 4 days for under $300, no developers required. This allowed us to focus on frontend acquisition, bringing money through the door. Although very basic, this CRM setup allowed Fairmont to grow from a team of 1 to 7 salespeople in the first 12 months.

Creative Testing & Iteration

Up until this point, the creative strategy for Fairmont was “launch some images and pray for the best”. The existing agency was Google and SEO focused, creative just wasn’t something they had in their tool belt.

This was a huge opportunity for us. Fairmont Homes stunning projects simply weren’t being shown to anyone. We needed to build desire with their audience and after doing deep customer research, we found that alot of people choose Fairmont as their 2nd or 3rd build (their Dream Home).

We immediately got to work on the Dream Home angle and even though it was our first creative test, it ended up becoming our most scaleable angle.

Key Learnings: Deep research before implementing any creative strategy is a non-negotiable. When done right, you can increase your chances of hitting winning and scaleable ads from the very first round of testing.

When you are trying to sell high ticket products and services, you need to trigger emotion in people and build trust more than ever. Social proof and psychological triggers are required in all copy and creative in order to convert turn complete strangers into qualified leads who want what you have to offer.

Fairmont Homes © All rights reserved.
Fairmont Homes © All rights reserved.

Price Guides as a Lead Magnet

Building your dream home is a long journey, it takes more than one facebook ad to convince you that a company is the right fit for you. We had conversion focused ads setup to retarget people who were showing signs of intent, but the key to attracting new prospects was our price guide lead magnets.

Although Fairmont’s builds were primarily custom, they had some homes which could be built off the plan and those homes had a wide ranges of quotes depending on the level of customisation. We chose the top 10 most popular homes and put them together in a presentation.

In order to drive more people to the custom build options (their most profitable options), we added various call to actions throughout the document that gave prospects the option to enquire about custom builds. Our strategy was to share the free price guide in exchange for name, phone number, email & location that they wanted to build in.

Key Learnings: This free Price guide served as an amazing lead magnet for people who were higher up in the funnel and decision making journey, thinking about building their dream home. It worked incredibly well as it was a softer sell than “Book a consultation”, but what it allowed us to do was nurture and follow up with prospects based on the intent that they were showing.

We used the CRM to track email opens & website visits from people who downloaded the price guide, and when they had interacted more than 6 times with Fairmont, a deal was created and assigned to the sales team to follow up on a call.


Our Services.

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    Strategic Campaign roadmap & launch plan

  • 2

    Paid performance (Social & Search)

  • 3

    Creative Strategy

  • 4

    Direct response copywriting

  • 5

    Ads Creative

  • 6

    Email & SMS Marketing

  • 7

    Conversion rate optimisation

  • 8

    Landing page design

  • 9

    Lead generation

  • 10

    UGC Production

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