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Meta Rev. Growth


Increase in Store Revenue (YoY)


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Ad Platforms Used:

Winning Video Ads


The Challenge.

Kate was happy with how much growth she was able to achieve on her own, but revenue had been plateauing for months and every time she tried to scale, performance would dip. She wanted to hire a team of expert which would allow her to focus more time on creating an even better customer experience.

  • 1

    Creative was not being tested in a structured way

  • 2

    Inability to scale past existing spend levels without performance tanking

  • 3

    The account was heavily reliant on catalogue ads and there was no variety of creative testing

  • 4

    Retargeting frequency was extremely high with not enough budget being allocated to hunting new prospects

  • 5

    CRO was non-existent. The website had fundamental errors that were making the shopping experience clunky and hard to navigate.

Perk By Kate © All rights reserved.


The first thing we identified with Kate was the need to focus on CRO. No matter how great our creatives were at generating clicks, if they were landing on an unoptimised site, we’d have no chance of scaling the business.

We ran a 100 point CRO for Kate during our onboarding phase and she immediately actioned our recommendations while implementing a new and improved theme on her website. Her conversion rate jumped 33% immediately after introducing the changes, despite us scaling budgets 121% and increasing the amount of cold prospects hitting the site.

Key Learnings: Your best-selling products are the products that convert the highest. The simplest CRO hack is to remove as much friction as you can in getting these products into people’s carts. Best sellers categories, sort by bestsellers, best-sellers in your upsells etc.

Creative Testing Strategy

When we stepped in, Kate’s account was heavily reliant on catalogue ads which were primarily reaching warm audiences and existing customers. In order to scale her brand, we needed to quickly find winning creatives that would work on a broad and cold audience.

We immediately introduced our 3-2-2 testing method: 3 versions of the same creative, 2 headline copies, 2 primary texts. All launched in a dynamic creative ad format. This allowed us to test hundreds of variations in a short time frame and by month 2 we had found scalable winners.

Key Learnings: Using our 3-2-2 method, we were able to leverage the power of machine learning to do the heavy lifting in creative testing for us. Rather than setting up individual ads on the ads level that fought with each other for spend, our dynamic creative ads complemented each other and served up the right variation to each individual persons taste, based on what Meta though would convert best.

This increased the amount of creatives we were able to test while not tanking our overall results & it lead to us finding scalable variations faster.

Perk By Kate © All rights reserved.
Perk By Kate © All rights reserved.

Google Ads Strategy

Google ads had not been part of Kate’s strategy before we started working on the brand. We needed to change that, FAST.

We knew that increased scale on Meta would mean more awareness being created in the market, which would lead to more people going to Google to find Perk By Kate. But not only that, people would look at other bra and lingerie brands before they made a purchase with us as part of their consideration phase, so it was important that we had a strong brand & non-branded keyword strategy on Google to capture all of the new demand we were creating with Meta.

Our team immediately setup a Google ads account with all best practices and by month 3 the platform was driving an average of 6.7X ROAS (excluding brand campaigns).

Key Learnings: Introducing Google into Kate’s strategy become a safety net for our campaign as we were not able to capture all of the demand that was being created by Meta. People often discover brands on Meta, screenshot them for later or simply go to Google to do more research before purchasing. Having a strong presence across platforms allowed us to convert more customers and protect against other brands snatching the sale.


Our Services.

  • 1

    Strategic Campaign roadmap & launch plan

  • 2

    Paid performance (Social & Search)

  • 3

    Creative Strategy

  • 4

    Direct response copywriting

  • 5

    Ads Creative

  • 6

    UGC Production

  • 7

    Conversion rate optimisation

  • 8

    Scaling strategy

  • 9

    Lead generation

  • 10

    E-Commerce profit & loss analysis

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