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Increase in new customer ROAS in first 30 days


Reduction in NCAC in first 30 days

Record month

Within 30 days of launch


The Challenge.

Lash-V had an incredible return customer rate on their store and anyone who tried their products was returning very organically. For this reason, the only metric that the founders cared about improving was their new customer ROAS and acquisition costs. Their previous agency was unprofitable on new customer ROAS when they approached us and Black Friday was just around the corner.

  • 1

    New customer ROAS was below 0 as their current agency was targeting existing customers with their adspend

  • 2

    3 weeks out from BFCM, their existing agency had no creative ready for the sale

  • 3

    Campaign structures across Meta and Google were a complete mess, with incorrect URLs and mismatches between product and copy 

  • 4

    Google was spending heavily on branded search and their agency was claiming high ROAS from brand

  • 5

    The Lash-V team were stressed about being able to not only get their BFCM sale live in time, but also make it a success

Pure Prospecting

New customer acquisition was the key goal, yet their existing ads had no exclusions and were targeting existing customers. This was leaving Lash-V with a new customer ROAS well below breakeven and we needed to fix this, fast. The first action we took was to introduce exclusions not only from pixel data, but we also plugged in Klaviyo so that all existing and future customers would be excluding from seeing any of our prospecting ads. New customer ROAS immediately began to lift and the cost to acquire a new customer dropped in the first week of introducing this simple, yet effective strategy.

Account Consolidation

The Lash-V accounts were a complete mess when we took over. Although they were with one of Australia’s biggest agencies, it was clear that juniors were managing the account. No naming conventions, multiple campaigns and countless adsets which were all causing duplication and spreading budget too thin, not to mention the housekeeping nightmare! We immediately switched into ASC+ campaigns on Meta and tidied up their performance max campaigns on Google which bought us back time to focus on high impact creative testing. 

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High Volume Creative Testing

With a wide range of products available with high value offers, we needed more than just a “up to 70% off sitewide” creative. Spend was high for their biggest sale ever, and we were 3 weeks from launch. Our creative team made over 100 creatives for their AU and US markets, targeting different segments of their B2B and B2C audiences. Our variety of creative was what helped drive performance across the account, with UGC, statics, carousels and motion graphics all coming together to put Lash-V ahead of their competitors. 


Our Services.

  • 1

    Strategic Campaign roadmap & launch plan

  • 2

    Paid performance (Social & Search)

  • 3

    Creative Strategy

  • 4

    Direct response copywriting

  • 5

    Ads Creative

  • 6

    Email & SMS Marketing

  • 7

    Conversion rate optimisation

  • 8

    Landing page design

  • 9

    Lead generation

  • 10

    E-Commerce profit & loss analysis

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