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Increase in MER.


Decrease in CPC.


Decrease in CPA.

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The Mission.

We met Summer Daniels in 2021 and upon auditing the Little Rae Prints ad account, we identified that her previous agency was leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table with a poorly managed ad structure and lack of proper creative testing processes.

This was a major roadblock in Summer’s ability to scale and her brand was barely breaking even when we started working together. The mission was to get Summer back to the revenue she was seeing in her previous record months and provide consistent results that could help Summer grow the business by removing the stress of the revenue yo-yo she’d been on previously.


The Solution

We took over the Little Rae Prints ad accounts after months of poor results that we’re barely hitting breakeven point. We identified campaigns which had been switched off prematurely that ended up delivering results well above the breakeven point, proven winners that we ended up scaling for months post-launch.

Although there was plenty of data to work with, our team had alot of work to do to find new angles that could drive the growth of Little Rae Prints and bring consistency to her revenue figures. We split the budget 80/20, with 80% being spent on past winners and 20% being spent on testing new concepts.

This allowed us to maintain profitability while finding new scalable creatives. Our first few tests proved highly successful and we continued iterating on the winning data until we had found multiple angles that we were scaling weekly.

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Our Services.

  • 1

    Strategic Campaign roadmap & launch plan

  • 2

    Paid performance (Social & Search)

  • 3

    Creative Strategy

  • 4

    Direct response copywriting

  • 5

    Ads Creative

  • 6

    Email & SMS Marketing

  • 7

    Conversion rate optimisation

  • 8

    Landing page design

  • 9

    Lead generation

  • 10

    E-Commerce profit & loss analysis

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428% revenue growth YoY within the first 180 days.
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427% Growth in Meta Revenue within the first 90 days.
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128 High-Ticket sales with 41.3x return on adspend.
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203% Increase in Revenue (From Meta) with 22% CTR Increase.
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52% revenue growth (YoY) compared to previous agency
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213% Increase in Leads (In 30 Days)
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